The World of Loans & Interests

The World of Loans & Interests

The ancient Banking process of lending and borrowing has not changed much over the eons. The borrower is entrusted with the loan on the condition that he/she will repay the amount with a certain amount of interest evaluated as per the lender’s discretion within the given period of time. An amount is transacted when both parties are in agreement with the terms and conditions and hence, no dispute should arise later on except in the cases of fraud.

Taking loans ensures clearance from otherwise debts, financial downfalls and urgent payments during unanticipated mishaps. The interest is levied for the lender’s benefit as the lending person or conglomerates carry on their business for sweet profit, i.e., the interest paid by borrowers. Therefore, it’s win-win for both parties unless a misfortune takes place.

To delve deeper into the world of loans, interests and finances, take a look at the following:

  • The World of loans is full of ID and credit verifications

Any loan shark or bank carefully verifies the identification proofs provided by the borrower for it is the human tendency to know the person well enough to entrust your assets to him/her. Just put yourself in the shoes of a lender. You’ll definitely want to know about the borrower’s capability to repay to ensure the security of your money and you would cross oceans to look for symptoms of fraud and deception. That’s what actually happens – the banks and loan agents lend money after a thorough check of the borrower’s track record and status.

Suppose your friend asks for a huge amount and you’re in a deadlock because neither can you refuse him for the sake of friendship nor can you entrust such an amount for the amount questions your ethics and beliefs in friendship. After pondering for some time, you decide to perform a check on your friend. Consulting his friends and family about his character, observing his assets and track records, you finally give up on the hesitation and lend him money. These processes you went through are what the actual money lenders perform prior to lending their money.

  • The Loan-Interest Relation

Interest rates vary drastically from one lender to another, depending upon the type of loan levied. Loans offered with considerably higher rates of interest are relatively less secured than the ones with lower rates.

For example, Mortgage loans offer low rates as they include a rigorous background check before approval and hence, are more secure. Moreover, in case of default, collateral seizure of assets is undertaken to reimburse the amount loaned.

On the other hand, loans offering high interest rates don’t go with the much troublesome verification processes, making them less secure and therefore, the amount loaned is evaluated to be higher as per the risks involved and the time duration is also comparatively shorter than the time offered by low interest rate loans.

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