Five Things to Know You Have a Good Lawyer

Five Things to Know You Have a Good Lawyer

The number of lawyers is continually increasing around the world. This is partly because of how lucrative the legal sector has become. This growth is good. However, the number of quack lawyers is also on the rise. This has led to many unfortunate experiences by many people. In this report, we will look at the key things to know that your lawyer is good.

Bar Association

Bar associations are found in most countries. To starters, a bar association is an organization that registers all lawyers. This helps to weed unscrupulous attorneys. It also helps to ensure that all lawyers operate ethically. Therefore, you should look at whether the attorney you are using is registered by the Bar Association. Many associations have web tools that can help you check whether the lawyer is a member. You should check whether the individual lawyer and the law firm are members.

Number of Cases

Experience is an important thing to look at when you are hiring a lawyer. If your case is relatively minor, we recommend that you use an inexperienced – but well-versed – lawyer. This is because such a lawyer will be relatively inexpensive. However, if you are going through a difficult case, we recommend that you focus on one who is experienced. In this, look at the number of cases they have handled. Fortunately, many countries have a portal where you can look at the number of cases a lawyer has handled. If such a portal is not available, you should use Google to find some of their cases.


Lawyers are known to be expensive. However, you should be very careful on how the lawyer talks about the finances. You should be very careful if they seem too much focused on the money you will pay them. A good lawyer should talk to you calmly about the fees. They should also let you sign an agreement on the total fee they will earn. You should not just sign the agreement. You should read it well before you pen your signature. Also, ensure that you use an attorney who is affordable. You don’t want to spend a lot of money that you can’t afford.

They are Knowledgeable

A good Cyprus lawyer should be knowledgeable about your issues. For example, if you are having an accounting challenge, your lawyer should have experience in accounting. Similarly, if you are having a human resource challenge, the lawyer should be experienced in the sector. You should select a lawyer who does work in an industry that you have decades of experience in.

They are Keen

You want a lawyer who is keen at your problem. When you explain to them something, the lawyer should remember it later. A keen lawyer like PageCorp Group will know everything about the case even if there is an urgent hearing. They will have answers to all questions that are asked.


Having a good lawyer is an added advantage when you are facing trial. With the number of lawyers available being on the rise, you need to be very careful. You should take time to research about the attorney you are hiring. You should also ensure that they meet all or most of the criteria we have described above.

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