Things that can backfire on traders

Things that can backfire on traders

Traders do many things for their own benefit but not all of them prove to be in their favor. Many things backfire and it makes them lose money. This article will advise on some of these things that have a history of backfires. If you are reading this article, you can consider yourself lucky because not much trader knows about them. There is much information on the web but the most important things are learned through experience and wisdom. Read this article and know the things that can backfire on you.


Overconfidence is a serious problem for the new traders. Many traders in Australia have blown their account due to their overconfidence. You have to understand the theory of probability in Forex trading profession. You can’t make any significant progress to your career unless you learn to accept the loss. This is where the professional traders come are well ahead of the novice traders. They always assess their trading strategy from time to time to ensure things are in order. You need to learn the proper way to keep pace with the market change as it is the only way to save your capital.

Relying on technical data

Those who blindly rely on technical data can never become a profitable trader. You have to understand the impact of fundamental news on the CFDs price. At times the long-term established trend can get changed without giving any clear sign due to high impact news. So what’s the solution to this problem? You have to blend your technical and fundamental data into one simple idea. In fact, analyzing the fundamental data is one of the easiest ways to catch the big market movements. So start learning about the fundamental factors of this market.

Critical analysis

It is the first thing that backfires at traders. Novice people do not know doing much makes things worse. Imagine you are squeezing lemon. For the first few attempts, it is good and the juice is out. If you still keep it squeezing, it will become sour and the taste of the lemon juice will be ruined. If you analyze the chart more than necessary it will mess with your mind and you will lose your focus. You will focus on small things that do not matter and ignore the big things. Analyze the chart when it is necessary and do not overanalyze it. If you think analyzing critically will give you chance to place your trades or open new doors to knowledge, you are wrong.

Copying the strategy of successful traders

It is one of the rookie mistakes that most of the traders have done in their career. It may sound like a good idea to follow their strategy to grow your career but you are missing one important thing. Every strategy is developed in their own way by the professionals. There are many long-term strategies but the professionals are not using them in the same way. They make changes depending on their trading market and volatility and on the trends. If you simply follow their style and copy on your platform, you can lose your money.

Not taking break

Never trade at a stretch. If you are winning money and think you are at your luck, you still need to take a break. Trading continuously can break you and you will feel exhausted. Many people trade once a month and they ignore the market for the few weeks. Trade every day but with a rest. It will help you to regain your conscious and you will understand the market better. If you are feeling excited because you are winning continuously, you may lose money if there are no breaks.

Do not overtrade

Your chance of success does not increase with the number of trades that are placed by you. Focus on your quality and place fewer trades. Overtrading may bring some profit but the losses will be always bigger.

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