What are the chances of XRP reaching $100?  

What are the chances of XRP reaching $100?   

With the increase in use and trading in crypto currencies since the last few years, the topic of price of each of these crypto currencies is going on in different forums. Lot of people are asking about the prospective future price of XRP in the coming few years. Some people are too much optimistic and making predictions that 1 XRP will be equal to $100 in the coming few years. But will that really be the case?

At the time of writing this article, 1 XRP is equal to 23 cents. One analyst states that if 1 XRP equals to $100, then the market capitalisation of Ripple will be around one-fifth of Google. That is quite an impossible thinking. But in the next few years, value of XRP may touch $4. So if you buy at 23 cents and sell at $4, even that is a good return on the investment. Articles mentioned in the neuer capital blog clearly states that it is never be possible for XRP to reach the $100 mark in the next five years, at least. If, at all, it happens, it will be an astonishing fact in the world of finance. Under such circumstances, it may beat the market cap of Bitcoin in the long run. Starting its journey a few years back, it is the second most traded crypto currency in the world after Bitcoin. So, nobody can predict with a guarantee that it will not overtake Bitcoin in the next few years.

Most analysts say that it is nearly impossible as the estimated price of $100 is more than 275 times of its current market price. Reaching to the $100 price will take its market capitalization to 5000 billion and that is 30 times that of Bitcoin. Well, under the current scenario, this is not believable.

Another analyst is of the view that if markets are allowed to trade in XRP/ALT pair just like BTC/ALT or BTC/ETH trading pair. Under such circumstances, people may need more XRP and accordingly the price of it will increase. Since this has not happened till now, it is not possible to reach the $100 mark in the near future. At one time, LTC/ALT pair was introduced in the market, but the volume was very much low as most of the traders were not interested in storing huge volume of ATC as there may not be demand for those in lot in the market. As a result, gradually ALT became obsolete in the market.

So the passion of earning a lifetime income once XRP touches $100 will always be a dream. In any case, if it touches the value of $10 or $20, the traders buying at 23 cents will get a huge return on their investment. In a nutshell, XRP can be used more as an investment tool.

The demand may increase whenever the banks and financial institutions start using XRP in whatever maximum way they can. Through more acceptances among the traders, it may turn out to be a more profitable investment in the years to come.

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