Why should you consider investing in silver metal?

Just like other business activities, there are always merits and demerits when investing. As it is the case, investing in silver metals also has its own merits and demerits though, for a long period, it has always maintained a positive market demand. The demand for silver is mostly dominated by jewelry, industrial products, and bullion coins. There are also higher chances of finding silver in the stock exchange market as

Top 10 Mutual Funds Schemes in India With Minimum Market Risk

One statement that agrees with while investing in mutual funds is “mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, please read the offer document properly before investing.” This statement itself is enough to caution investors about risks associated while investing in market-linked securities. Market risk plays an important role in deciding the returns of a fund over a certain period. The greater the risk component of the fund, the higher the

Choosing an Investment Advisor: What You Must Know

Did you know that choosing a financial planner can be a difficult task for many people? For you want to increase the value of your investment, you must choose the right one. If you make a wrong choice, the results can damage your family. There are risks involved if the choice of financial advisor is wrong. The advisor may not steal your money but may lose it through careless and

Make Retirement Manageable, Invest in Real Estate

For discerning future retirees, the question is always, how do I get there? The liberation of retirement beckons many, but most people silently wonder, will they have saved enough to enjoy it? Or how can I pay my daily living expenses on my retirement income? It’s surprising to encounter people who not only retire early, but they have the funds to eat out at fancy restaurants, travel the world and