Choosing The Right Travel Insurance Plan

Travel insurance is crucial whether you’re travelling domestically or abroad. Your life or medical insurance coverage protects you at home from several dangers. If you’re planning a trip, incorporate travel insurance into your budget. Before selecting an insurance policy, one must evaluate their needs. Policy differences go beyond funding and coverage. Your Insurance Company Getting Bajaj Allianz travel insurance should be your next step after booking your vacation. Travel insurance

Caught In A Hit And Run? Here's How You Can Deal With The Situation

In case of a hit-and-run, the vehicle driver that collides with your bike should ideally pay for the damages to your bike. Hypothetically, if they flee the scene of the accident without acknowledging it, you may need help with what to do to get your bike insurance claims: Find the Criminal’s Information If your bike is damaged in a hit-and-run incident, the first step is to remain vigilant and calm

Keep These Factors In Mind Before Buying Your First EV Insurance

Electric vehicles are now more common on our roads than ever before, especially as the EV policy India is to make the country a major electric vehicle market by 2030. Industry analysts predict that as consumer awareness rises and stronger pollution laws are put in place, the popularity of e-vehicles will continue to grow. Despite being more expensive than ICE vehicles, electric vehicles have many advantages. E-cars, for instance, make

How Many Health Insurance Policies Can One Person Have?

Keeping in mind the increasing cost of medical care, if a larger sum insured is required and is insufficient under a single policy, policyholders may purchase multiple health insurance policies from various insurers. You are permitted to submit a claim under various plans, such as the group policy offered by your company, your personal health insurance policy, and your top-up health insurance policy. Read on to know the conditions and

80D Limit On Tax Benefits

Do you know the sense of security and sense of relief you get when you start to pay a premium for health insurance? Well, if you have not felt it, you need to know how it feels to get health insurance that is good for you. Paying a small amount (that is, your premium towards the health insurance) on chosen frequencies – can actually have you safe from the fear

What Is Pet Insurance as an Employee Benefit?

The employment landscape in America has changed dramatically over the last few years. As change has come, employers have been encouraged to expand their benefits packages to include new types of benefits younger workers expect. It is frequently advised that expanding benefits can help attract and retain top talent. With that in mind, some experts are recommending pet insurance. Pet insurance has been around for quite some time. Only recently

Common myths about Term Insurance in India

We are living in an era where information is available in abundance. We hear so many insurance plans almost every day. While some facts are true, some are just myths. While they may not entirely be untrue, the ideas and policies are outdated. This has given rise to a lot of misconceptions as most people don’t care about trying to conduct any in-depth research. But you don’t have to worry

Selecting the Optimal Bike Insurance for People in Their 30s

The 30s is the time to be stress-free. Chances are, by now, you would have found a career that suits you, you would be earning more than ever and you could be well-settled with a family – this is a time to not take any risk that can be avoided. Not having a proper bike insurance is one such risk. Getting two-wheeler insurance online or offline is easy. But what’s

Answers to Some Common Questions About Home Insurance Policies

A home is undoubtedly the most precious investment. You not only are heavily invested financially, but also bear and emotional attachment with it. Hence, a protective cover is essential to prevent the financial loss that may arise. These losses can be due to calamities that often come unannounced and end up causing a substantial damage. Damages of these kinds can disrupt your finances. Thus, it is essential to insure against

Financial benefits of investing in insurance

Insurance plays an important role in any sound financial plan. It protects you and your loved ones against the high costs of illness, accidents, disability, and even death. The truth is that none of us know what is around the corner, so having protection in place for the things you hold dear is a worthwhile exercise. While the readers of this article might not require ever single type of insurance