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Thank You Card for Business Etiquette

Sending thank you cards for business is a good part of proper etiquette in a society governed by norms. A simple gesture of sending a thank you card shows deep gratitude and appreciation towards the recipient. In any industry, thank you cards can be sent after a scheduled appointment for a possible business partnership or after an interview, or even after an initial meeting. Thank you cards are the simplest,

Common myths about Term Insurance in India

We are living in an era where information is available in abundance. We hear so many insurance plans almost every day. While some facts are true, some are just myths. While they may not entirely be untrue, the ideas and policies are outdated. This has given rise to a lot of misconceptions as most people don’t care about trying to conduct any in-depth research. But you don’t have to worry

Techniques to help you trade the options market

With so many different opportunities and different investment vehicles available, it can drive you crazy just thinking about it all! Additionally, there are people out there who have been trading for years and still feel like they’re failing at picking good trades or missing some other key element that could help them become better traders or investors (look at this site for more info). Here is a compiled list of


Are you new to the world of investing? Are you on the lookout for the right investment vehicle that can help you achieve your financial goals? Mutual fund investments could be an ideal investment option for you. In this article we will understand different investment tips for beginners in mutual funds that can ultimately help in mutual fund comparison. Read on to have a look at these investment tips. Investment


Product information management, also known as PIM, refers to technologies that manage information about products but emphasize the data needed to market and sell the products. The technology controls various amounts of product data and distributes them efficiently across all distribution channels. One of the key functions of a product information management system is to ensure high-quality product data. Product information management systems continue to gain popularity, and it is

4 Simple ways you can enhance your budget

A budget is simply a spending plan designed for a person, a business, a group of people, or just about anything else that makes and spends money. It is an estimation of expenses and revenue over a specified period of time and it is important because it is a financial lesson that cannot be overemphasized. Having a budget is a way to keep spending in check and it also ensures


If you are an investor, chances are you well aware of the tax deductions under Section 80C of Rs 1.5 lac per annum. Though almost every investor is well aware about this tax deduction u/s 80C, not everyone is aware of the strings attached with these tax deductions. In this article, we will understand these terms and conditions before investing in tax-saving investments to strengthen our tax planning. ELSS contributions

Selecting the Optimal Bike Insurance for People in Their 30s

The 30s is the time to be stress-free. Chances are, by now, you would have found a career that suits you, you would be earning more than ever and you could be well-settled with a family – this is a time to not take any risk that can be avoided. Not having a proper bike insurance is one such risk. Getting two-wheeler insurance online or offline is easy. But what’s

Answers to Some Common Questions About Home Insurance Policies

A home is undoubtedly the most precious investment. You not only are heavily invested financially, but also bear and emotional attachment with it. Hence, a protective cover is essential to prevent the financial loss that may arise. These losses can be due to calamities that often come unannounced and end up causing a substantial damage. Damages of these kinds can disrupt your finances. Thus, it is essential to insure against

Eurotrader Group launches its institutional liquidity provider, Eurocapital

Eurotrader Group has revealed its newest offering ‘Eurocapital’, an institutional liquidity provider October 2021, London: Eurotrader Group has revealed its latest offering ‘Eurocapital’, a Prime of Prime liquidity provider set to service professional and institutional clients. Eurocapital delivers highly bespoke full-circle solutions and secure offerings, with products spanning forex, equities, CFDs and futures. With decades of expertise, the Eurocapital team draws on its experience and relationships to give clients access